Inspired by the ones you love.
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Inspired by the ones you love

Established in 2022, ESNC perfumery is a progressive perfumery born of the idea and motto that ‘smelling good was never this affordable’. Using high quality essences sourced from France, our perfumes are manufactured in Turkey. Going through stringent quality controls and testing, we ensure our perfumes are of the highest quality. Getting inspiration from luxurious brands, and perfume houses, we have created perfumes that provide familiar scents at great value with no compromise on quality.

Appreciating that everyone has different preferences in scents, we have introduced more than 120 perfumes from different scent families, be it woody, floral, oriental, fresh and more…


Perfumes are worn based on several requirements. Some of the personal reasons are skin chemistry, an event or occasion, to remind you of a previous memory, your personality and mood. External factors could be the season or the temperature, or the environment you are in. Nature, has provided us with adequate scents for each individual need and perfume. We at esnc perfumery aim to meet every requirement and need. We will take the time in understanding your needs, and carefully select the perfume right for you.
Take your time, try our perfumes, find your scent….

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We ensure that our perfumes are of utmost quality, with more than 20-25% perfume concentrate, our essences are sourced from France and are 100% cruelty-free, with no preservatives, GMO, CRM, or paraffin. Our perfumes are vegan and sustainably sourced and manufactured.