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Perfumes described as Classic are the most common used scents that we are use to. They generally are floral, fresh and woody. These include perfumes that have ingredients like rose, vanilla and musk.


Perfumes that have a energetic, vibrant, uplifting tone are classified as fresh. They generally give you a sense of youthfulness. They generally have citrus, lavender and similar notes, that particularly work well in summer or day to day use. These types of perfumes generally last the least out of all types.


Perfumes most commonly used in a workplace or for special occasions, that allow you to manage stress and is stylish and distinctive fit into this category. This style isn’t restrained to a perfume category as such, but is more determined by the style of perfume. That is perfumes with notes of bergamot, litchi, patchouli, with base notes of woody moss.   


Perfumes that are simple, yet beautiful and a combination of feel-good scents that centre your emotions fit into this category. Elegance is the art of being quietly confident; these scents are personal and have a subtle classical tone to them.


Perfumes that have a refined, heavy leather scent that is intriguing and not common would fit into this category. A person who knows their scent, and is mindful of it would fit into this category. Oakmoss, aldehydes and oud scents.


Perfumes that have an artsy, thoughtful tone to them with unusual notes are classified as creative. They are for those who like different scents, and perfumes that change over time. Generally, they have spicy, woody oriental and soft floral. Sunkissed is reminder of warmth, and sun on skin.


Perfumes that remind us of the glorious warmth the sun gives would fit into this category. This category can actually be further divided into smaller categories being sunrise, sun-kissed, and sunset. Sunrise is scents of dawn, with awakening of flowers and bees. Scents with tropical floral top notes, and light vanilla base notes. Anything with Amber Floral, with top notes of almond, and tropical fruits (banana etc.) and vanilla, jasmine middle notes and white tobacco and patchouli base notes.

Sunset, are scents that are similar to above, but with sweeter middle notes. Reminding us of the beauty of gazing at the sunset, and admiring its beauty. Middle notes consiust of sweet vanilla, coconut, and rose. With base notes of cedar and musk.  


Perfumes that will be sprayed heavily and have strong scents and demand attention with undertones of luxury fit into this category. They generally have oriental, spicy and strong floral scents with amber top notes that combine to product intense perfumes. The use of musk, cinnamon, vanilla with flowers and woods to provide a lasting fragrance.


Perfumes that have an easy, comforting style that can be used for any occasion, and even in your night gown would fit into this category. They generally have a natural earthy tone and feel like you are walking through a rainforest. Generally, they have woody, aromatic scents with top notes of floral. This includes sandalwood and oriental woods with top notes of lavender and other floral ingredients.